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Contrary to the United States, most European nations have adopted regulations for online sports gambling and also provide a legal and secure environment for their citizens. Even the European Union is a lot more innovative in regards to Internet gaming in contrast to other areas of earth, which has allowed the activity to flourish.

EU member states account for approximately 45% of the entire amount wagered worldwide. The online gaming sector as a whole is worth about $33 billion globally, which means European gamblers are making up about $14.85 billion of their international online wagering market, which makes them the largest regulated marketplace on earth.
European Gaming Laws
Although some member states were faster to embrace online gambling regulations than many others, the EU authorities has strict laws governing free contest between EU nations and their citizens.

For awhile, many nations virtually ignored these free-trade and trade laws. Rather they legalized online gambling in their own nations while outlawing or advising players to steer clear of foreign operators, therefore Implementing a state-run monopoly.

Blocking other EU member countries from offering online gaming services to citizens in the nation where the action is lawful breaks European law. The European Commission has fined many nations and forced them into compliance through recent years.

However, countries like France and the Netherlands are still very much monopolistic in contrast to other nations, which allow citizens to bet at any certified gambling site from the EU. As of 2014, there are still ongoing legal conflicts in regards to the problem.

Even with the free trade and competition laws on the books, it’s important to remember that every country still has their collection of regulations and licensing requirements. Tax rates will vary as well.

Overall, pretty much every member state in the EU has some form of legal online gaming. Legal online sports betting are offered by the bulk.

What’s more, they offer better customer protections in contrast to every other bodies on the planet. If a player has a dispute with a gambling operator, their local gambling regulators will work on the participant’s benefit to ensure that the player is handled fairly. They’ll also keep your eye on theft and fraud accusations by unscrupulous or unscrupulous online gaming sites.

This is a luxury that bettors countries where online betting is deemed illegal or even in a legal grey area will not be afforded. Should they have a dispute with an operator, then they continue to be at the mercy of the site that holds their funds. There is virtually nothing they could do from a legal standpoint.

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